Change Is the Only Constant

In late 2019, we in the atelier had to make some hard decisions. Very hard, often heartbreaking decisions. The reality of the pandemic was sinking in. Downsizing was clearly in order, if the operation was to remain viable. By late 2020, 15 of our crew had stepped away. In 2021, we took on 7 new faces. Now, in 2022 - in order to meet our staffing goals - 17 additional members of the crew will be leaving us. We bid them all a fond farewell, some of whom have been with us from the beginning. They're all being outfitted with mini-wardrobes, and will soon be on their way to new and exciting opportunities in the community. Updates on that endeavor as it unfolds. To paraphrase the Bard, in the story of the Atelier, you shall all be remember'd; You few, you happy few, you band of Barbies:
Top row: Jane, Emma, Teagan, Greg, Pippa. Center row: Fiona, Kirsten, Kiara, Farah, Deirdre, Eric. Bottom row: Hunter, Sandy, Lily, Danika, Valentina, Violet

And now, we present the resident models for 2022, all in Atelier One Sixth Originals:
Mariah, Joseph, Robin, Liz

Ellis, Kelsye, Augusta Ryan, Chase

MAC, Henry, Renata, Sydney

Bianca, Ronan, Harper, Hannah Rose

Halcyon, Jackson, Clare, Riannon

Natalie, Zoƫ, Theo, Holly

To clarify: Augusta Ryan only models part-time. She is, in fact, in charge around here.
Pictured here in her design & production center, the heart of the Atelier.

Dana and Fox, our security team, are still with us:

And Nick Danger?  Suffice it to say, he's undergone some changes of his own recently. He's going by his middle name now, Mark. Also, he's given up modeling and security work to take over the curation of the atelier's library:

But his is a tale for a different post. And what a tale it is. Not one as old as time, mind you, but still . . .

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