Life Comes Atcha Pretty Fast Is What I'm Sayin'

A Bit of the Personal Stash

Everything finds its way to an ending. Same for this bead work blog.

I'm off to explore a thousand other paths & pursuits, and the time has come to wind this up. Since this will be my last post here, I thought I'd do a little tidy-up.  First, some nerdy stats.

  • I've made 590 posts (not counting this one)
  • which have been viewed, variously, over 144K times (!)
  • and I've managed to accumulate 176 followers thru the years,
  • many of whom have fallen away to chase other interests -
  • after all, I've been doing this for over 10 years. 

Now, some not-so-boring stuff.

This has been one of the most personally enriching endeavors for me, and through this platform I've received so much inspiration, friendship, support, and laughter. I hope I was able to give some of that back to at least a few of you out there.  Most especially I'd like to thank everyone involved in the Beaded Journal Project. I learned more in that inaugural year than I ever dreamed possible. I'm not just talking technique, here, either. In particular, my deepest thanks to Robin Atkins - a truly gifted teacher.

Gosh, this has been a ton of fun for me - and I won't swear I'll not be back. Never say never and all that. My final bead work sale will continue until September over on Etsy*, and the blog will stay out here in cyberspace for some time to come - comments will be disabled in mid-August, though,
so if there's anything you forgot to tell me . . .

Cheers! I really don't think there'll be more later.

*The Etsy shop no longer exists.


  1. I have always loved your posts and your richly talented beadwork! Gonna miss those little peeks into your creative life . . . .

  2. I am still reading beading blogs- lots of them even though I do not have much time to create anymore- you know, life. I will miss seeing your work. Enjoy your new endeavors and I know you will find time to create.


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