Looking In A New Direction

The CrazyGreat Sale continues through June 14th; some items are disappearing in 10 days:


Around that same time, some NewOld* stuff will appear on the cyber shelves, at ridiculous LOWLOW prices, and with any luck, I'll get the studio cleaned out!

Etsy views have dwindled down to less than 10 a day. A little disheartening, but as they say - if folks can't see it, you can't sell it.

And all this clearance business is in aid of re-tooling the studio: it's my intention to devote more time and energy into doing the work that makes me happiest - creating beaded art pieces, and making couture doll clothing. I might have mentioned this before.

So . . . more later!

*NewOld: These are pieces that were made for specific art/craft shows/shops, personal pieces, experiments, and studio examples. Some have been up for sale online before, most have not, and some have never been for sale.

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