Time Again: Embellishing the Runway

Project Runway is once again serving as inspiration for our small but mighty band of intrepid artisans over on Facebook:

Embellishing the Runway

And aside from making a super-long bead crochet rope for myself,

and making Chinese lantern beads for the Jade Dog,

(I stole this pic from the Jade Dog, since hers came out better than mine)

I've been making pendants in response to the current "Embellishing the Runway" design challenge. So far there have been three episodes/challenges, and here are my results.

From Episode One: 

This was the "unconventional" challenge. The winner was Erin Robertson.

A closer look.
In this challenge, I took elements from Erin's design - the color, the fringe, the ball candies, and came up with this pendant using a beaded bamboo tile, Japanese glass seed beads, and a beaded fringe bead. I hung it on a copper chain.

From Episode Two:

This was the 'design for actual people' challenge. The winner was Laurence Basse.

A closer look.
Again, I went with elements from the original design - the color and the suede band, but looked to the accessories for more detail, using Japanese glass seed beads, antiqued copper metal beads, and vintage black sequins. I hung it on a black ball chain.

From Episode Three:

This was the technology challenge - all the outfits had to 'transform' under black light. Erin Robertson was the winner again. I 'shopped in a detail pic to get a better look at the embellishment.

A closer look.
I used the embellishments Erin created for the dress as my inspiration, specifically the color palette, fringe elements, and the big blue dot (from her 'nipple covers'). I used Japanese glass seed beads, a black glass crow bead, a silver colored ball bead, and a few tiny freshwater pearls.  It's hung it on multiple strands of black/white ombre rayon ribbon.

My time is currently consumed with these gorgeous picasso and delicious semi-glazed seed beads from the Jade Dog - sketching like a mad thing and generally having fun with different pattern concepts.

With more episodes of the Runway ahead, and all these perfect-for-fall colors of beads on hand, there will definitely be more later.

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  1. I've been watching Project Runway and love how you were inspired by the pieces.


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