I Should Get Dressed

I'm still in my soft pants and it's 10:30 on a Saturday. I woke at about 7 - did some stretches, checked the mail, made coffee, stared at my work table for a while, read a chapter of "Demelza," rode my bike half an hour, thought about - but did not have - breakfast, did some beading, got all dreamy about my Big Project (more on that in a minute), and came to the rude awakening that I desperately need to structure my days more effectively.

Here's why. A few days ago I got this brilliant idea for a beaded art piece. I looked around, and the whole house was knee-deep in at least a dozen projects I wasn't working on, due to sensory overload. I cleaned off the table and all the horizontal surfaces in the main living area. Next thing I know I'm experiencing Craft Creep. I took some photos of my table.

First, there's this Cubic Right Angle Weave bangle cuff I felt compelled to make - something about the combination of matte chocolate and matte turquoise - makes me think of striped socks on witches. It *is* that time of year, you know. CRAW is time-consuming, intensive, has great texture, and is very, very durable. I love the weaving of it. It's meditative. I NEED TO DO THIS.

Also, I need to get going on the next piece for Embellishing the Runway - inspired by the winner of Episode 7. Calling it the Skull Island Challenge. 
The sketch doesn't really tell the whole story. 
But then, it's a very, very short story. 
More like Flash Fiction, actually.

Then last but not least, the Big Art Project, still in the gathering and plotting stage. All I'm going to say about this right now is that it is destined to be wall art, and it involves a lot of mookaite, matte and semi-glaze finish seed beads, and a bunch of pewter stars.

I predict I'll be working on this over the next four to six months, since there are other things that need doing. Like making holiday gifts and ornaments. And baking. And National Novel Writing Month. And other beading projects as they crop up. Hence the desperate need to get seriously organized.

First, though, I should get dressed. And get some breakfast.

Obviously - as time allows -  more later.


  1. Curious if you ever got breakfast (& dressed!) or just waited until dinner! Your projects look inviting!

    1. As a matter of fact, it was more like brunch - really late brunch . . .


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