Obsessive? Compulsive?

I might just be. I get a concept in my head and I just work it and work it until I've either exhausted the beads necessary, or myself. And with this bangle idea, I haven't even come close on either score.

With the black & white cuff, I used three different sizes of drops and magatamas, giving it a playful texture.

I can't decide what this reminds me of more strongly - bubbles or dew drops on the lawn: 

Right now I'm working on one that's a mix of drops and spikes.

More later!


Listing the Pendants

After much hemming, hawing, redesigning and re-designating, I got myself in gear and listed the pendants I've shared here over the past few weeks.  You can find them in my Etsy shop's Necklaces section HERE.

This is what you'll find:
Click to embiggen!

I have a tenuous schedule for listing some other stuff I've been working on lately, but the making of stuff is more enticing. I'm determined to find that balance between the crafting and the business of crafting. It's a struggle for sure.

More later!


Too Many Ideas

Seriously, it never fails. I no sooner settle in with an interesting design - in this case an embellished net bracelet with a lemon chrysoprase focal bead and garnet chip accents - than I get a flood of ideas and just sketching them out won't do. I just have to see if they'll work out.

This was the state of things on August 4th -

This is when I got sidetracked with a bit of wire work, which resulted in this:

By Friday things had just gotten out of hand - I had at least 6 more projects in various stages of work spread all over the worktable:

And the most recent result is this: 

I love this. Seriously. I'm going to set all the other projects aside and really explore this one.

This is my favorite kind of bracelet - a big, fat, wide statement bangle. I recently unearthed a small stash of magatamas and drops, which were acquired so long ago I can't remember what I wanted them for. They are PERFECT for this. I was inspired by something I came across on Pinterest - the ceramic work of Japanese artisan, Takuro Kuwata - specifically his "drip" series of vessels, and this vessel in particular:

Ain't it cool? Welp, these beads ain't gonna weave themselves -

More later!


On the Fringe

I love making fringe beads and fringe bracelets. Mostly I love gathering all the elements, finding just the right blend to tell the color story of your vision. My recent obsession with the Miyuki yellow matte Picasso finish beads has led me down multiple paths, and I don't feel like I'm done yet.

The most recent result is this fringe bracelet. I'm not usually one for the bling, but there was just something so right about the beads I selected - tiny, pale green faceted Czech glass, amber bicones, yellow aventurine stars, all set off with ceylon seed beads and a unique CopprClay toggle clasp from Jade Dog Beads :

Just before I started this, I made a pair of right-angle weave bangles with brass and the Picasso beads, also from Jade Dog Beads:

Before I made these, I wanted to practice my pearl-knotting technique, so I made a wrap bracelet, using Czech pressed glass shapes and bead cord, with a replica vintage button:

And this all kicked off with a simple strung bracelet. I went nuts for the color story. This one was made using Czech pressed glass shapes, travertine size 3s and pale gold Darice glass pearls:

Let's bring out the models, and let them showcase my latest:

Here's a better look:

I don't feel quite done with this colorway yet. I'm not sure what's next, but I know there will be more later.

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