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A long time ago (40 years or so), in a galaxy far, far away (Northern California), I started collecting buttons. I didn't mean to. It just sort of happened. It took over my brain for a few years and then I just stopped. But since the box of buttons existed, it seemed to attract more buttons without my intervention - there exists a sort of gravitational factor where crafting supplies are involved. The box just kept getting more and more full.

I did a big button sort before I moved and donated a bunch of them, but I couldn't bear to part with a substantial selection. And I just love the ones I kept.  Like the ones I used on this cuff. Vintage art deco. Real vintage, not repro. I found them on an old blouse in a junk shop - the blouse reeked of moth balls and was at least 5 sizes too small for me, but I just wanted the buttons.

I'm still experimenting with different kinds of buttonholish loops for my closure, but this works well for me right now. I'm test-driving it today for wearability with an eye toward making a few more. I still have a few more pendants to pull together, but I felt like taking a short break from necklaces by returning to my first love - bracelets.

More later!

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