Softer Mookaite

I love the pinks and lilacs in Mookaite - they worked in perfectly with the matte metallic khaki beads.

Next up on the worktable I have another turquoise pendant in mind - this one with using the bamboo tile instead of the square wooden base.

There's a new venue for online sales about to open up, so I've been busy getting ducks in a row for that - at the moment it's still in the set-up stage, so I'll share more about that as we get closer to launch date.

AND! I'm going to Tucson in January of next year to be the Charming Assistant in operating a small booth at the Whole Bead Show - Jade Dog Beads will be there! I might even have a beaded bead or two for sale, tucked in and amongst the fantastic vintage metals and handmade beads and pendants Darcy Horn will have on offer. 

The future's so bright, I'm glad I got mah shades. This promises to be an amazing time ahead - but more on all of this later.

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  1. These are just amazingly BEAUTIFUL, Morwyn. And I am so thrilled for you that things are looking up and BRIGHT! One of these years I must make it to the WBS out in the desert - have always wanted to go. Wouldn't it be fun to stop by Darcy's booth to say "Hey" to the both of you ... and of course, get into a little bit of *bead trouble * hee hee!


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