Number 11 - A Surprise to Me

This wasn't intended to be No. 11; No. 11 (now unnumbered) is on the bead mat, still under construction.

What happened was this - I cleaned up and organized a large amount of beads and supplies over the last two weeks, and I came across a bag of beaded bamboo tiles. I've posted pictures of some of them in the past. Anyway, I got to thinking about these and before I knew what I was doing,  I unearthed a decade's old box of polymer clay, made some spikes (with the blessing of my inspiration, Darcy Horn) in a complementary color, and boom-shaka-lacka-lacka, I had a new No. 11, ready and waiting for the camera.

Which brings up an important matter. Do the right thing. ALWAYS RECOGNIZE YOUR INSPIRATION. By asking permission, if needed, or simply with a tip of the hat, needle, loom, pen, or whatever - always take the time to thank the artist who shoved you down your particular rabbit hole.

So here, of my own invention but with a large dollop of inspiration from Darcy, is Number 11.

More later!

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  1. That's a beauty ... glad you kept going!!
    And I totally agree with you about acknowledgements, which can't be stressed enough imho. Seems the internet is rife with "stealing" and maybe worse, blatant non-stop "borrowing" - like taking a workshop with an accomplished creative just so you can turn around & teach the course yourself without due credit. Makes my blood {{{ boil }}}


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