Found My Camera!

I'm in the midst of re-vamping some storage here in The Pillow Fort, and the camera wandered away during a brief period of construction.  No matter. I'll post some pics of what that looks like as soon as all is complete - but in the meantime, here's the current state of the worktable, with Number 10 on the bead mat.

I have to say - I'm completely in love with this combination - the coffee/chocolate polymer clay spikes from Jade Dog Beads, the matte black seeds and shapes, and the bits and pieces of picture jasper - I may have to make several of them before I get this out of my system.

Stand by for more, later.


  1. I'm loving your beaded beads and the new necklace collection! Really lovely!

    1. Lola! I lost you! So glad you found me!!

  2. I too am enjoying your new collection, and wow, what a neat bead table, you wouldn't want to see mine.


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