Number 12 - Continuing in the Lighter Vein

Pink isn't in my usual wheelhouse, and when I do use it I tend to go overboard. I tried to hold myself to a more subtle aesthetic with this one. I'm headed back to my comfort zone shortly. 

With pearls, spiny oyster shell, and polymer clay spikes of my own devising (with a tip o' the needle to Darcy Horn), here's No.12:

And lucky 13 is on the bead mat:

As ever, more later.


Number 11 - A Surprise to Me

This wasn't intended to be No. 11; No. 11 (now unnumbered) is on the bead mat, still under construction.

What happened was this - I cleaned up and organized a large amount of beads and supplies over the last two weeks, and I came across a bag of beaded bamboo tiles. I've posted pictures of some of them in the past. Anyway, I got to thinking about these and before I knew what I was doing,  I unearthed a decade's old box of polymer clay, made some spikes (with the blessing of my inspiration, Darcy Horn) in a complementary color, and boom-shaka-lacka-lacka, I had a new No. 11, ready and waiting for the camera.

Which brings up an important matter. Do the right thing. ALWAYS RECOGNIZE YOUR INSPIRATION. By asking permission, if needed, or simply with a tip of the hat, needle, loom, pen, or whatever - always take the time to thank the artist who shoved you down your particular rabbit hole.

So here, of my own invention but with a large dollop of inspiration from Darcy, is Number 11.

More later!


Number 10 Finished

You may be wondering how many of these I'm going to make before I offer them for sale.

I'm wondering, too.

I'm still working on that new online sales venue - and it may be this series will be a great way to make my debut there.  Then I think, I should just list them on Etsy already. 

I'm mulling.

In the meantime, I still have to get this particular color combination out of my system.

To be sure, there will be more later.


Found My Camera!

I'm in the midst of re-vamping some storage here in The Pillow Fort, and the camera wandered away during a brief period of construction.  No matter. I'll post some pics of what that looks like as soon as all is complete - but in the meantime, here's the current state of the worktable, with Number 10 on the bead mat.

I have to say - I'm completely in love with this combination - the coffee/chocolate polymer clay spikes from Jade Dog Beads, the matte black seeds and shapes, and the bits and pieces of picture jasper - I may have to make several of them before I get this out of my system.

Stand by for more, later.


Number 8 Accompli (and 9, Too)

I finished this one a few days ago, then started No. 9, and finished it:

I REALLY like this color combination. Obviously. Cream, antique copper, turquoise - but now I'm off on another tear - this time it's matte black, brass, and picture jasper. My workspace is even worse than usual - I can't locate my camera. Hrmph.

I'm sure it'll turn up. Any minute now. So, more later.


Hitting My Stride

I feel like now, with No. 7 under my belt, I've really found my groove with this design and its execution.

Number Seven, with turquoise disks, a turquoise tube, a suspected howlite flattened nugget, and polymer clay spikes from Jade Dog Beads.

So of course, that means there's something else on the worktable.

I had a heck of a time today honing in on how I wanted to do this one. Finding just the right off-white to pair with antique cats' eye seed beads, green turquoise, and antiqued copper metal beads.  

It's nearly impossible to rub one's hands together with glee and bead at the same time, so I need to get on with things, and there will be more later.


Softer Mookaite

I love the pinks and lilacs in Mookaite - they worked in perfectly with the matte metallic khaki beads.

Next up on the worktable I have another turquoise pendant in mind - this one with using the bamboo tile instead of the square wooden base.

There's a new venue for online sales about to open up, so I've been busy getting ducks in a row for that - at the moment it's still in the set-up stage, so I'll share more about that as we get closer to launch date.

AND! I'm going to Tucson in January of next year to be the Charming Assistant in operating a small booth at the Whole Bead Show - Jade Dog Beads will be there! I might even have a beaded bead or two for sale, tucked in and amongst the fantastic vintage metals and handmade beads and pendants Darcy Horn will have on offer. 

The future's so bright, I'm glad I got mah shades. This promises to be an amazing time ahead - but more on all of this later.


Spikes & Mookaite

All gold and green they are, here in No. 5 -

So. Much. Fun. And silly as it is to say, it's taken me through this fifth one to remember how I used to do these - now I feel compelled to remake two of them. I'm not saying which two.

Anyway, No. 6 is on the worktable:

This one is making use of the softer colors of mookaite. 

More later!


Polymer Clay Spikes & Beaded Beads

What's not to love here?  Number Four is finished -

I'm really enjoying myself with these. I should probably list them, but I kind of wanted to wait until I had a few more. Maybe when I have 6 or so. 

And here's Number Five in the earliest stage on the worktable.

 Also, I'm thinking about making some bookmarks . . . this will involve paint, a dremel tool, and some birch wood. It's gonna be messy, so I'll have to haul it outside. Next week promises to be fair weather, so I think I know where I stashed my folding table - more later for sure.


There - That's Better

It's funny, though - I'm wondering now if I shouldn't try a bone pearl beaded bamboo tile instead . . .

Anyway. Next up on the worktable:

So many of my favorite matte metallic colors are no longer in production. This makes me beyond sad. It makes me feel like I have to hoard them. Which is beyond wrong. 

More later, to be sure.