I Made a Thing

I made a bracelet. First, let me show you the Pinterest find that served as inspiration:

Read all about the piece here.

I thought, that is so pretty - and I have all these irregular flat Red Creek jasper beads - this might work out very nicely. So this is what I made:

Chunky, bold, gorgeous colors - I may end up keeping this one, since it is my prototype. Here's a more in-depth look:

I have the next one lined up on the bead board, but I've managed to get side-tracked by a coloring book and Downton Abbey.  Oh, and a knitting project. I want to make this sweater:
with this yarn:
(wish me luck - I haven't knitted a full-sized garment in 40 years)

Have a pineapple empanada while you're waiting, because there will be more - just . . . later.

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