Brand New Brand

Now that I'm (almost) settled in to my new digs, it's time to make a few changes.

My online shop has been open since 2006; however, I've only had 123 sales in 10 years. When my husband contracted a serious medical condition, I had to put the shop on vacation multiple times. I needed to focus more and more on running his business, then on being his primary care giver during his final illness. He passed away two years ago, and my life has gone through several major transitions, including retirement and relocating from High Desert country to the Great Plains.

Now that I'm devoting more time to the crafting and the business of my beadwork, I took a hard look at where things stood. Even though my shop has five stars, I felt that potential customers might look at my statistics and get the wrong impression. I decided to re-brand with a new shop name and a shift in emphasis, but then I wondered which route to take. Should I rename my existing shop, which would give me a fresh approach yet preserve my excellent rating, or should I create a new shop, which would eliminate the appearance of few and far between sales?

I asked this question on the Etsy forums, and the majority opinion was that I shouldn't start from scratch - which would be a huge pain, not to mention labor-intensive - but simply rename my shop.

So I did - and there's nothing simple about it.  It means I have to change the name all over the place. Ain't social media grand?  I'm still in the process of updating my internet presence (when did I open a Photobucket account?), and while it's not as time consuming as building a new shop, it's still a good-sized task.

As to that shift in emphasis, more on that later.

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