New Digs

I'm all moved in to my new home here in Nebraska, where the wind comes whistling 'cross the Platte.  I love it. My little house is everything I could have hoped for. It's still a work in progress; my storage area needs flooring, interior walls, ceiling, and electricity but once it's done I'll be able to fully unpack, and stop cartoonishly tripping over boxes and bags of things.

In the meantime I've reopened my Etsy shop, and I'm trying to understand how their new facelift for shops has changed anything. Mine still looks pretty much the same to me.

The move itself was fairly brutal to my old carcass - I have a collection of spectacular bruises, a very sore back, rubbery biceps, but most tragically the skin on my thumbs cracked and split and has made beadwork a serious challenge - even something as simple as odd count peyote is slow going and very tiring. However,  my compulsion is stronger than my common sense, so here's what I'm up to right now:

My fascination with 1.5mm cubes continues unabated, therefore there will be quite a bit more later.


  1. I wish you HUGE LOVE & SUCCESS in your new home! May you find lots of joy & deep happiness being close to your family and starting a new chapter. And gosh, that beadwork looks A-OK from where I'm sitting ;>))

    1. Thanks for all the lovely wishes! I've been following your bead sketch posts with great interest and envy - CHEERS!!


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