Taking A Break

I was going to keep my Etsy shop open until the 25th, but recent events have overtaken me and I have decided to put things on hiatus until I've completed my relocation.

My cat, Montag, died last night, very unexpectedly and very suddenly. Asa and I rescued him Christmas of 1999; he was a source of delight and irritation, laughter, concern, and companionship for all this time.

I will miss him deeply. It will be a major adjustment, getting used to the silence, the absence of that other beating heart; preparing to relocate to a different climate and way of life in the bargain makes running an Etsy shop at the moment beyond my abilities.

I'll be taking a break from Embellishing the Runway as well, but I expect once I'm settled I'll attempt to catch up.

So there will be more - just much later.

Montag: b. unk 1999, d. 3-20-2016


Project Runway All-Stars Season 5 Episode 5

Won this week by Emily Payne - and YAY COLOR.

And my response - happy for color but limited on time, so earrings again.

I fell out of love with Project Runway several seasons ago, but I keep hoping for design inspiration. You can find it in a trash dump if you know how to look.

More episodes to come, so more later.


All Caught Up

Over on Facebook, I'm part of a small but mighty group called Embellishing the Runway. You may remember this from previous posts. Currently, we're trying to find inspiration from the winning designs of Project Runway All-Stars, Season 5. All of us were running behind, as we had completely forgotten the show had started airing. That having been said, I have to add that with the exception of the first episode, there really hasn't been all that much to draw on, inspiration-wise. AND this was a rush job, so . . . those are my excuses for the lack of style or interest here. 'Nuff said.

Episode Two; Winning Design by Sam Donovan -

 And my response: A lampwork glass pendant on a tubular peyote rope -

Episode Three (a teamwork challenge); winning designs by Alexander Pope and Asha Daniels -

And my response; two pair of Russian leaf earrings -

Episode Four; winning design by Sam Donovan - and honestly, I apologize in advance - this picture gave me nightmares. I'm not even kidding.

And my anemic response; a pair of earrings in black, white, and Ace bandage beige -

Let's hope the next challenge produces something actually inspiring that has nothing to do with black and white.

So. More later, eh?



From now until the 25th of March, I'm having a moving sale in my Etsy shop - prices on my embroidered treasure boxes and more labor-intensive bracelets have been slashed!

After the 25th, my shop will be on hiatus until I get settled in to my new digs. And I have no idea how long that will be. Let's hold a good thought and hope it won't take long.

and more later.