Stuff I Forgot About Selling Online

Decent pictures.

Solid descriptions.

It's surprising how much time just those two simple concepts can eat out of a day. I've spent the last three days photographing and listing a number of items for my Etsy shop.  So that I'll have time for other things, like beading, I've limited myself now to just listing 4 to 6 items a day.

I'm doing a little bit of everything right now - some bead crochet, bead embroidery, and making beaded beads.

I've been making these Chinese lantern beads for The Jade Dog in exchange for beading supplies. Works well for me. She sent me some really interesting vintage striped Czech seed beads - I was worried I'd get dizzy working with them, but I managed all right.  And they are fun to make.

I tried to download the Etsy phone/tablet app, "Sell On Etsy," for the purpose of putting up those "Shop Updates." Unfortunately for me, my phone and tablet cameras don't take very good pictures. And I have trouble texting more than a sentence, let alone type out an update on anything. It's a shame you can't post updates from your computer - I have a really decent camera, and I'm much more comfortable with a full-sized keyboard. Maybe that's one of their "soon to be" features.

I like the idea of the Shop Update.

Since that's kind of what this blog is.

More later.

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