Etsy Shop Re-Opened

I brought my shop back out of vacation mode for the next two months, since my relocation has been put on hold for a bit longer than I expected.

And at long last I have some new work to offer there - I've posted the pictures here before, but I hadn't quite made up my mind to sell them.  But here they are:

I made a dozen of these; I gave a few of them away as gifts to friends, and several sold through the bookshop - and after picking out the one I loved the best, I ended up with only six for the Etsy shop.

I can still remember when I found that strand of dendritic agate drum beads. It was the first time I went to Tucson with The Jade Dog on one of her buying trips. Attending the Tuscon Bead Show was the most overwhelming experience I've ever had - and that includes my first glimpse of the Ginza in Tokyo.  So much dazzle, shine, and color.  But when I saw these little drums - they took my breath away. I'd never seen anything like them before. I hovered back and forth - could I afford them? What would I do with them? I picked them up and put them back down half a dozen times, and finally I just gave in to the impulse. Had to have them. And now, so many years later, the Right Idea came to me at last.

It's my intention to continue adding items to the Etsy shop each day until I have everything in my inventory listed.

More later.

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