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I've shelved the design for my friend's lanyard for now, since I've come across something else that needs doing before I move. I went through my bead stash and realized I need to reconfigure the storage and condense things down as I prep for my Big Move.

So I got that 80% done, and came across multiple containers of finished and partially finished bead works. I separated out the stuff I felt was sufficiently interesting/polished to put in my Etsy shop, some I felt I needed to keep for myself, and other things I felt needed to be cannibalized for parts.

I'm in the process now of going back and forth between re-making/reworking designs and tearing stuff apart.

First, I wanted to rework a couple of bangle sets I'd made for myself some time back. They were patterned bead crochet and they were just too loose - making the patterns meet for a seamless join they ended up being way too big. So I opened them back up, shortened them, and joined them with these great metal ball beads in an antique silver finish.

I'm on the fence about keeping these - I loved making them and I love the pattern work, and now that they actually FIT rather than flop around on my wrist, I'm leaning toward keeping.  For now.

And today I'm doing wholesale slaughter - slashing some things down to the beads and findings. This is actually big fun - enough time has elapsed since I made or started some of this stuff, that I don't have that "But I worked so HARD!" attachment to them and ripping them up is cathartic.

I need some catharsis right now. Some feeling of forward momentum, and accomplishment.

This is the piece I'm destroying at the moment. See those little scissors there? Under my glasses? I knew I was going to do this, so on Monday I went to the knife sharpener guy and bought a brand new pair of Italian steel embroidery scissors. $30. I KNOW. But I was so tired of trying to make do with cuticle scissors and my old embroidery snips were so dull, but the blades were too short to sharpen, and I decided I was tired of limping along with cheap tools, so this was where I made my stand.
They're going to get a massive workout here in the next few days, so it's a smart investment. It is. Really.

This is my Reworks container. It weighs 25+ pounds.


More later.

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