And It Was. Scary, I Mean.

December was a complete roller-coaster of so many emotions. Closing up a used bookshop that's been a community staple for 40ish years was not something I did lightly. It was reasoned, planned, and the last week of business leading up to Christmas Eve was hectic and bittersweet and filled with the faces and good wishes of many old friends. People who couldn't make it in for The Big Finish called instead.

Christmas Day was spent doing inventory with a helper who was no stranger to the procedure - my best friend, who has helped with the task nearly every year since I've owned the place.  The week after that was a blur of packing books and shipping them off to their new homes. We had to take a Snow Day in there too - but we got it all done and on New Year's Day, the final load of books and store fixtures rolled out of the parking lot. I went back on Monday to give the place one final sweeping before handing over the keys the following morning.

I still have a few chores to tackle with regard to closing the bookshop, but by and large my time is now my own and I have so many projects in every conceivable phase of completion I'm having trouble narrowing my focus.

So naturally I started something new.  I've been commissioned in a way to make some Chinese Lantern beaded beads, using those wonderful Picasso beads that are now available in 11°s. I practiced at first, trying to remember how I used to make these, using some matte metallics from my stash.

These are some of the matte metallic lanterns. 

And these are some of the picasso lanterns.

After this, I've promised to come up with a sturdy, attractive lanyard for my BFF - the design for which will consume and entertain me for at least a week.

But first, the lanterns.

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