December Will Be Scary

This is the month when I close up the book shop. Christmas Eve will be my last day. I'm giving myself the final week of December to box up and move out whatever is left at the end. I have so many nice people offering to help me and I'm overwhelmed by the generosity and friendship I've been graced by.

In the meantime, I'm bracing myself for my final clearance sale which means I've taken my Etsy shop offline for a bit while I tidy up 18+ years of my life.

There will be more. Just . . . really later.


November Project

Plowing through the old notebooks managed to produce some promising seeds.

I found myself returning over and over to the work of Lee Rumsey Haga, a brilliant jewelry artist who works in metals and stone. Adapting other disciplines to beadwork is my favorite challenge.

Here's my working sketch:

And this is what my table looks like, as I puzzle out what will work best:

And away I go.

More later.


Embellishing the Runway Finale

After viewing Part One of the finale last week, I didn't care who won - I was just inspired by Ashley's vision of Mexico City circa 1950 that I ran with that and finished my piece before Part Two aired. And as luck would have it, Ashley won! So here's my final piece for this season's Project Runway:

Now I'm back to the sketchbooks, searching for new inspiration, sifting through my bead stash and my "To Be Remade" box, and my abandoned projects box, wondering what I'll do next.

So I suppose there will be more later.