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Last week I started a Tumblr blog, called "The Craft Hole." It's daily photos of my crafting spaces. The reason I did this was to force myself to either clean things up or get busy on the projects scattered everywhere. And it has its own shiny button right up there on the DooDad bar.

Also too, there is a button to take you to my Pinterest junk. I'm pretty sure most of it is Safe For Work.

And this is what I made for last week's Embellishing the Runway challenge. I am now officially crazy for the macrame slide closure.

And this was my boring entry for the boring winner of Episode 4:

I'm at work on two things right now - Week 6 Embellish the Runway item, and a little side project, featured in my Crafthole Tumblr blog.

Pretty sure that means there'll be more later.

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