Embellishing the Runway, Episodes 2 and 3

Doing a little catch-up here.

Episode 2 Winning look:

Using the concept of the oversized petals, and the color palette of whites with black and red accents, I came up with an embellished peyote stitch bracelet, the embellishments consisting of my own take on the Russian leaf technique and two small glass leaf beads, positioned to sit at the wearer's outer wrist bone.

Episode 3 winning look:

Taking my inspiration from pattern mixing, I made a loomed wrap bracelet with repeating patterns of stripes, tweed, and paint splattered print. I wasn't all that keen about the pinkish red, so I substituted in a reddish brown. While the winning look has a summer feel, my take is more autumnal.

There are many more episodes ahead; logically it follows - there will be more from me, later.

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