Aftcra Farewell

After 8 months and ZERO feedback, I've optioned to close the Aftcra online storefront.

I had hopes for those guys, but . . . my stuff never showed up in simple searches. There just wasn't any point. You'd type in a search for "jewelry box" and get two pages of etched wine glasses.


So, I have fond hopes for the Amazon Handcrafted Marketplace, if and when that manifests.

Fingers crossed, and more later.


An Interesting Development

With the decline in favor for Etsy as an actual marketplace for REAL handcrafted goods, Amazon took a look and thought, what the hell. They put out some feelers, enough legit folks responded, so they're pulling together an Amazon Handcrafted Marketplace. And I've been accepted as a possible vendor. In the next few weeks, they'll send me a formal application and we'll see.

This comes at a very interesting time for me.

I've been at a crossroads for some time, and only recently I've felt myself becoming "unstuck," with life becoming a river again, and not a sinkhole.


Yikes, Spikes!

My daughter, the gifted hands and savvy brain behind The Jade Dog, sent me a dozen of her fantastic polymer spikes. Since my milieu is bracelets and boxes, I wasn't altogether sure what I would do with them. I lived with them hanging on my workbench for a while, and at last they told me what to do.

With mookaite.

With turquoise.

With crazy lace agate.

They are all accented with Japanese glass beaded beads, pewter findings, glass crow beads, bone, and leather lacing. Click to embiggen. I'm in the process of deciding when, or even IF, I'll list them for sale on Etsy and Aftcra. 

Right now I think the heat has gotten to me - I must be demented - I'm working on a layered right-angle weave bracelet. 

More later, if I can hang on to sufficient sanity.