Works In Progress

After raising the tiniest, most painful blister I've ever experienced - the result of all that marathon bead crochet work I did last month - I thought it might be time to do Something Else.

So this is the general state of the work table these days:

I'm back to making beaded beads and bead embroidered box lids.

Matte metallic is still one of my favorite seed bead finishes - they work up in such interesting ways on a beaded bead.

I've had to re-learn how to do these - You can tell the dark raspberry was the practice bead.

I've been watching "Chef's Table," a 6 episode series streaming on Netflix. I've been keeping three different notebooks while I view the program - one for food ideas, one for general observations, and one for beadwork inspirations. The inspiration for the bead embroidery piece is from Magnus Nilsson and his "Sweets Box:"

The colors and variety of textures are intriguing to me, as well as the rustic box containing them.

Early days yet on this piece, but I like the direction it's taking.

I have no memory of acquiring those flat turquoise nuggets, but I love how they pave together.

So, that's me right now and of course, more later.


  1. Oh these are fabulous, Morwyn!! Will you be selling the beaded beads??? I am having a serious jones for your gorgeous 'practice' bead!! :D

    1. I will indeed be selling them on Etsy and aftcra - thanks for asking! I intend to have about a dozen completed and listed by the end of the month - wish me luck!!


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