Magnus' Sweets Box

Inspired by the sweets box creation of Chef Magnus Nilsson, here's my beaded version.

Just got it finished this afternoon, and listed it on Etsy.

I've spent most of my day horsing around on Pinterest.

Now I know why I've been reluctant to visit that site - three hours of my life just disappeared.

More later, if I can control my pinning.


Works In Progress

After raising the tiniest, most painful blister I've ever experienced - the result of all that marathon bead crochet work I did last month - I thought it might be time to do Something Else.

So this is the general state of the work table these days:

I'm back to making beaded beads and bead embroidered box lids.

Matte metallic is still one of my favorite seed bead finishes - they work up in such interesting ways on a beaded bead.

I've had to re-learn how to do these - You can tell the dark raspberry was the practice bead.

I've been watching "Chef's Table," a 6 episode series streaming on Netflix. I've been keeping three different notebooks while I view the program - one for food ideas, one for general observations, and one for beadwork inspirations. The inspiration for the bead embroidery piece is from Magnus Nilsson and his "Sweets Box:"

The colors and variety of textures are intriguing to me, as well as the rustic box containing them.

Early days yet on this piece, but I like the direction it's taking.

I have no memory of acquiring those flat turquoise nuggets, but I love how they pave together.

So, that's me right now and of course, more later.