Hopeless Blogger

I'm having more and more trouble remembering to make entries here.

I recently decided to expand my customer base by offering international shipping. I have no idea how that will shake out, but I'm hoping against experience that it might gain a sale or two.

Also, I've been busy making these great wrap bracelets -

Here's a close-up:

And another of my favorites:

(this one has already sold)

Matter of fact, I've sold three already - two of them right off my arm at the book shop. So I have a good feeling about this design. I love making them, too. 

And I need to get back to doing just that, too. I want to have a least a dozen ready to go before I list them in my online shops. I've taken this week off from work so I could tend to a few chores around the place, and filling my cyber shelves is one of those chores.
Just got a shipment of beads from Charlene's Beads - I've been buying from her for years and while I prefer to visit my local beadshop, Poppyfield Beads, I can't seem to get there when they're open - my schedule and theirs are almost always at odds. 

Back to work. 
Or at least change out of my pajamas. 

More later - without doubt.


  1. Good to see you creating wondrous things again, Morwyn! :)

  2. I would be happy to merely be a hopeless blogger. I have been spending my time on my house instead of my beads. Glad to see you post.

    The bracelets are fun - I can understand how you are selling them right off of your wrist.

    Thanks for the links.


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