My daughter Darcy and I went on a road trip to the biggest, craziest, most intense bead show on the planet - the 2015 Tucson bead show. We spent five days and four nights in a luxury hotel where we got free breakfast, dinner, and all the wine we wanted. I was dazzled, blinded, exhausted, elated, never quite drunk, and completely overwhelmed.

 This was the result of two days of shopping.

This is what I bought on our third day in Tucson.

I didn't take any pictures from my fourth day - it was just a handful of size 15 seed beads in earth tones, a wooden bracelet display, and a wooden business card holder shaped like a pair of hands. Our first day back from the Tucson Bead and Gem show we went to Thunderbird Supply, where I found more gemstone drum beads, much like the crazy lace agate ones pictured above.

I haven't had a chance to really absorb my purchases or think clearly about what I'm going to do with everything.  I'm clearing some time this weekend to go through my whole bead stash, and start sketching ideas.

In the meantime, Darcy was working on some loomed wrap bracelets. I also have the same type of loom and was able to finally understand how it works. After she left, I managed to make a loomed wrap bracelet of my own with some leftover Delica beads. Here's how it looks:

It was fun to do pattern work again - it's been a long time. 

More later.


  1. Some day .... some day .... some day I will make it to the Tucson show. sigh. It's not that far - dunno why I don't get out more ;>/
    Sounds absolutely FAB, Morwyn, and what a beautiful **haul** of beads & stones!

  2. p.s. me again ... any chance you will be selling some loomed bracelets? Haven't seen anything like them before and this one is soooo gorgeous.

    1. I just might - I hadn't thought about it, but I just might. And thank you for the gracious compliment!

  3. Am so jealous. Went in 2014. Planning on going 2016. My best friend lives there, so its just a great time. Hike in the hills, swim in the pool. Good food, great company and pretty pretty stones.


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