See That? ^^^^^^

There's a new button on the link bar just above the posts. It says "AFTCRA." It's a new venue for me, and it's really easy to use - I'm in the process of building my storefront there - filling the shelves if you will. Right now it's a work in progress, so if you could give it a peek I'd be really grateful.

This shows some promise, as it's been around for a couple of years, and they don't allow reselling (as far as I can tell) - they're straight-up handmade ONLY.

I'm going to make this a larger shop than the Etsy one - I'll be adding earrings and a whole slew of bangle bracelets here shortly, so by the end of my weekend (Monday night) I hope to have a ton of eye candy for you all to enjoy.

I'm working on a new series of boxes - involving Brazilian agate slices (not to be confused with Brazilian Power Crystals). Pics when they look like something more than a mess on the worktable.

No post goes without a photo - so here's a screengrab of what my Aftcra shop page looks like today. Click to embiggen.

More later, as the shop fills in.