Dreamtime: The Visitation

I finished this one last night.

I love Mookaite. Only found in one place on earth.

I sit beside Asa most of the day as he drifts in and out of consciousness. Sometimes he has bursts of full wakefulness and we talk and plan and share and dream awake together. I did not realize how much his dreaming was affecting me until I had finished the principle embroidery on this one, sat back, and really looked at it. Each treasure I box I make is my favorite, until I make the next one of course. But there's something about this that lifts me right up.

Looks even better close up:
Now to dream up a non-traditional Valentine or two.
More later.


  1. The colors and textures are so sublime in this piece :)

  2. oh my dear.
    I cannot even imagine what this time must be like for you
    and your dearest. Your beadwork speaks - as it always has -
    in the most profound ways.
    Uplifting ... without a doubt!



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