See That? ^^^^^^

There's a new button on the link bar just above the posts. It says "AFTCRA." It's a new venue for me, and it's really easy to use - I'm in the process of building my storefront there - filling the shelves if you will. Right now it's a work in progress, so if you could give it a peek I'd be really grateful.

This shows some promise, as it's been around for a couple of years, and they don't allow reselling (as far as I can tell) - they're straight-up handmade ONLY.

I'm going to make this a larger shop than the Etsy one - I'll be adding earrings and a whole slew of bangle bracelets here shortly, so by the end of my weekend (Monday night) I hope to have a ton of eye candy for you all to enjoy.

I'm working on a new series of boxes - involving Brazilian agate slices (not to be confused with Brazilian Power Crystals). Pics when they look like something more than a mess on the worktable.

No post goes without a photo - so here's a screengrab of what my Aftcra shop page looks like today. Click to embiggen.

More later, as the shop fills in.


Listing Bracelets on Etsy

Earlier this month I was sort of trapped at home by allergies; sitting around with very little to do when you're used to being a good deal more active leads one to make work for themselves. I started going through my trays of finished work - sorting which to keep for myself, which to offer for sale, which to dismantle for parts - and I realized I needed to get some of them listed on Etsy.

I needed to take better pictures for some of them, and write descriptions for all of them, but these were the first four I listed before going back to my "day job."

But it is definitely time to get things back out there - get my little shop filled with stuffs. Clear some of my trays. Dust. Sweep.

Time for fresh thinking. Time for new inspirations. Time to make new memories.

More later.


Catching Up

Just finished two projects - a multiple rope neckpiece with bead embroidered bail and pendant, and a fun little bracelet.

 The accent stones are Wild Horse magnesite.

The raku skull was a gift from a friend.

I am currently obsessed with the color combination of pale blue and copper. See where that takes me.
More later.


Busy With Nothing to Show for It

I've got plenty to do but I'm procrastinating the most important task: organizing my time. Setting schedules for getting things done. I'm the least disciplined person I know. I don't even set my alarm clock unless I have a morning appointment. I do what I want when I want, but I rarely want to do anything. I know what I need to do, especially if I want to make some room around here, and some money. I realize Etsy's not an ideal venue for sales these days but when I look around I also know for me they ARE the only game in town so I need to make it work, somehow. Just like Tim Gunn says.

It may just be a matter of getting motivated.
Maybe I'll just take a nap instead.

I think this is my new favorite gif.
Hypnotic, ain't it?


Getting Back Into The Etsy Machine

I've been busy the last few days buffing up the old Etsy shop - there are currently eleven of my bead embroidered treasure boxes up for sale, but I should be adding a few wearables before holiday shopping season comes on us full strength.

It's important to me right now to get these particular ducks in a row. It's State Fair time, which always spells certain death to retail sales in the area. Always has, always will I expect.

Clink on the link in the bar just above this if you get a chance - and here's a tease to lure you in.


The Jade Dog's Summer Beading Challenge!

Share this info far and wide!

Here's your link to the Facebook page that tells all:  RIGHT HERE!

And here's a tease as to what's in store:

I can't decide!

Go! Do! More later!


Recently Listed

I recently listed these two containments over at Etsy:

Dreamtime: The Intimation

Here's the collage shot:

I just listed this one today:
New Earth Angel One

And here's the collage shot for it

I have another Dreamtime piece on the beadboard, so there will be more. Later.

Still no word on the stolen pieces.



On the evening of February 27th or the early morning hours of February 28th, a person or persons unknown picked the lock of Bird Song Used Books and stole the contents of a change tray, an outdated Windows XP netbook, and the entire contents of the Gift Cabinet.

Here is what they took.

My heart is so sore right now, I can't think straight.
There may not be more later. Not for a long time.

P.S. They also took my little 6 year old netbook. WHY?
It was the only computer we had that still ran Windows XP, which is the only operating system my 10 year old printer will talk to. Damn.