YAY! Boxes! YAY!

A few years ago I had an Etsy shop, from which I sold lots of goodies. Near the end of my time with Etsy, I wasn't selling much at all. One of the things I sold, and sold very well, were these little trinket/treasure boxes.
(click to embiggen)

I had a finite number of boxes to decorate - I had found them at a thrift store - and I couldn't find their like on the internets to save my soul. I had two left, and agonized over which of my embroidered pieces I should use to finish them. And so they sat on my project shelf. For about two years now.

Then, on a whim, I went image-surfing and I FOUND THEM!!  The very boxes!! I'm so happy I could squeak!! I had to order $50 worth, but that wasn't hard for me - I got two dozen velvety black and one dozen so-soft dove grey - and I am beyond jazzed!!

So now I have 38 little canvases on which to splash my beady imagination - and a decision to make. Should I brave the waters of Etsy again, or strike out in another direction, with my own website or perhaps a Square Market shop . . .

But first, to the drawing board!

Which means, of course, more later.


  1. The problem with Etsy is the competition- it is too easy to get lost in the shuffle. The problem with going it on your own is driving the business. There have been lots of recent changes at Etsy, it might be even tougher to get noticed.

    I recommend you also check out storenvy as an alternative if you decide to try on your own first. You can set up your own checkout on your current site.

    1. Thanks, KJ - I've got a lot of beadwork to do - and happily I can take my time looking for the best home for my art. I do appreciate the recommendation, and I have looked into storenvy before; I might still have that info somewhere in the recesses of this laptop -

  2. Hello! Are you willing to share the source for your beautiful boxes that you start with? Thanks! I'm new to bead art, and thought a box is a manageable size project to start with! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there - I don't usually respond to anonymous comments, but I'll make an exception here. My original source for the boxes was a serendipitous find at a thrift store. When I finally found them on the internet, I had to buy $50 worth (that was three dozen).


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