Project Runway Season 12 Finale

The last two episodes of Project Runway's twelfth season, the big finale, have concluded, and big congrats to Dom Streater, who proved her mastery of textile AND clothing design with her interesting and wide-ranging collection.

I had my problems, though, trying to narrow in on inspiration for this one. There were only two things I knew for sure. One, it would be a bracelet, and two, it would be patterned.

Now, with pattern work you have a few options: loom work, square stitich, flat peyote, two-, three-, or four-drop peyote. I started off thinking I would work with one of Dom's more colorful textiles - I tried charting it six ways to Sunday and didn't like anything I came up with. I started looming a piece, got about an inch loomed and hated it. I started a flat peyote piece but the colors just weren't working for me.

I pushed it all aside and gave myself a few days off. I came back and looked at Dom's collection with fresh eyes. I found myself drawn to her black and white prints. Once I honed in on my inspiration, the rest was easy. I charted out a pattern and by the next evening I had it finished. Worked in just two colors of gilt-lined opalescent seed beads, the strength of the graphic really pops.

So here it is.

Now here's that inspiration:

Summing this one up:

I decided to give the runway a rest - even though Runway All Stars is doing a third season. I've got some art beads to make, and some bead embroidered Mookaite angels to birth.

That would mean more later.

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