Project Runway Season 12, Episode 12

"The Butterfly Effect." The winner of this avante garde challenge was Bradon McDonald. I knew when I started the piece that it was going to eat my lunch, and I was right.  3 full tubes of seed beads, 36 hours of work, the devising of an oh-so-clever closure, and WAH LAH:

Here we have Sluggo modeling the piece:

Click on the photos to embiggen.

My daughter said the inspiration piece made her think of a spiky cream puff.  I thought it was somewhere between a swan and a reed embankment drained of color. It has a fantasy quality to it I find interesting. It was a lot of work, I don't know how soon I'll be doing this technique again, but I do love the results.

So to sum up:

One last piece to make and this season of Embellishing the Runway is put to bed. Looking forward to this one - I get to use my NEW LOOM!  

So that would mean, of course, more later.


  1. {{{{ secretly addicted to the whole P.R. series myself }}}}
    Totally LUV what you've done with this piece, Morwyn. Why don't you email Bradon and SHOW HIM?!
    This ROCKS, you ROCK .... soooooooo, want me to look up his addie for you????

  2. Thanks, Christi! I really enjoyed adapting Bradon's winning looks to bracelets - he had an interesting range to be sure! I'll take your suggestion to contact him *under advisement,* LOL!


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