The Finale Will Have to Wait

I'm working on that last piece to wrap up Season 12 of our Embellishing the Runway thing, but some other stuff is coming up I'd like to share.

It's time for The Jade Dog's Fall/Winter beadwork challenge! If you're not a beader, maybe you know someone who would be interested - so spread the word! Friday, November 1st, is the deadline to reserve your kit(s)!!

From the Facebook post:

Good morning, fans and friends! You've got all day today and Friday until 5pm to place a reserve on the kit of your choice for The Jade Dog Designs 2013 Fall/Winter Design Challenge.

**Retail value on the $10 kit is estimated at $13-$15.

**Price of each kit is $10, $3 shipping in the US and $7 shipping international.

**I made the polymer cabs included in each kit. I've paired them with vintage Czech glass cabs, seed beads, base metal beads, and assorted Czech glass and/or stone chips and/or Japanese seed beads.

**Before shipping, I'll throw in some extra seed beads or vintage components.

**If you'd like to see past winners, you can find them if you click on the 'Notes' tab located below the cover photo on the main page for The Jade Dog.


**All rules can be seen in the album description found if you click on the 'Photos' tab located below the cover photo on the main page for The Jade Dog.

**If you have any questions, shoot me a message.

**Kits can be purchased over on my website. If I put a link here, FB has an interesting way of hiding posts with outside links. Not as many of you have been seeing my posts about the contest.

**If you can't join this time around, would you please share the info with interested parties? It sure would help out!

Thanks!  D

Where to find these amazing kits, you ask?  
Well, right here -> JADE DOG DESIGNS

$13, people!!  

So here's a pretty picture to entice and ensnare you:
Definitely worth clicking the pic to embiggen.

And, naturally, more later.


Project Runway Season 12, Episode 12

"The Butterfly Effect." The winner of this avante garde challenge was Bradon McDonald. I knew when I started the piece that it was going to eat my lunch, and I was right.  3 full tubes of seed beads, 36 hours of work, the devising of an oh-so-clever closure, and WAH LAH:

Here we have Sluggo modeling the piece:

Click on the photos to embiggen.

My daughter said the inspiration piece made her think of a spiky cream puff.  I thought it was somewhere between a swan and a reed embankment drained of color. It has a fantasy quality to it I find interesting. It was a lot of work, I don't know how soon I'll be doing this technique again, but I do love the results.

So to sum up:

One last piece to make and this season of Embellishing the Runway is put to bed. Looking forward to this one - I get to use my NEW LOOM!  

So that would mean, of course, more later.


Slight Delay

So I'm still working on the challenge piece for Embellishing the Runway, based on Project Runway's Season 12, Episode 12, the avante garde one called "The Butterfly Effect." I KNEW this one would eat my lunch.

Here's the inspiration:

So . . . here's the tease pic I put on my Facebook page:
It's almost done, I swear.
So. More later.