Embellishing the Runway Season 12 Episode 9

Let's Do Brunch. Those poor designers. Faced with a really screwy challenge this week, they were told to design something for the "modern Southern woman." What the hell does that even MEAN? No one knows, so they went with a kind of updated country girl look. I was shocked no one went with gingham and calico. But the winner, Bradon McDonald, did go with a pastel plaid shirting fabric, and I did love the colors, so I took that for my inspiration.

And here's what I came up with: a set of three right angle weave bangle bracelets, in gradient pastels and opaque white.

Here's a closer look:

So, to sum up:

Just watched Episode 10 and believe it or not, I'm stumped as to what I'll do. Hmm.

More later. Don't know how much later, but later.


  1. Wonderful colors and great composition. Those look like great summertime fun.

    Those might look nice with silver or gold replacing the white and then shades of red or green for the Christmas season.

    1. You could do them in candy corn colors for Halloween, too - they are so adaptable! Thanks for the holiday idea, KJ!


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