Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Ep 8

"Field Day." This is the episode where Heidi gets the designers to work for her for free. She has them design athletic wear to be produced in her New Balance line. Helen won again - and good for her - but I did like Kate Pankoke's design the best - it was so much more colorful. But O well - this is about the winners, not my personal preferences.  At least until they all break down and no one makes anything inspiring. Then we scramble.

Helen used a black mesh over a muted green jersey for her pants, and this was the design detail I picked up on for my cue:

I made a simple wide bangle, in a lace stitch, or filled mesh stitch bangle, using 8ยบ seed beads, with a mix of black matte and black opaque over a transparent muted olive:
This was so cute - but it turned out just a little too small for me. I gave it to a friend who cut my hair last week. But I loved it so much I made another - in the right size -to wear myself. Here's a closer look:

And summing up:

So that's it for now -time to get back to work on my challenge piece for Episode 9. It's a fun one. So, inevitably, more later.

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