Embellishing the Runway, Season 12, Ep 6

"Let's Go Glamping." That was the name of this challenge. While I completely disagree with the judges and really did not care for the winning look by Alexandria von Bromssen, I decided to look at this as a REAL challenge. Here's that winning poopy pants look:

The front of this jacket was ho-hum boring - and the back was so tortured, it reminded me of a straight-jacket. Don't even get me started on those nightmare poopy pants. But since this was all about manipulating fabric - in this case denim/chambray, I dug into my fabric stash and came up with a slice of just that stuff. So here's my take on that *shudder* win - a denim cuff, fabric manipulation, studded with glass pearls:

Another view:

And summing up:

And there you have it. More later, just not tonight.


  1. So worth the wait Morwyn!!! I love Project Runway and I ADORE the designs you create in tandem with that! Each and every interpretation of yours is brilliant and beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest ... but no pressure or anything ... ;-)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lola, and thanks so much for reading along!

  2. Maybe because I love pearls so much but I think this is just so amazing. I love your design.


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