Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Ep 5

And I guess the Lexus challenge could have been called, "Designer's Choice." They were told to use materials from two of three little shops for unconventional materials. The winner was Jeremy Brandrick with this little number:

 Using placemats from a home furnishings store and glitter/glue from a party supply shop, Jeremy came up with this.  I loved that stripe-in-a-stripe thing he did, so here's my interpretation of it:

This is a bead embroidered cuff, with pearls in the white expanse to add some texture and interest.

Summing up:

More later, 'cuz I'm on a roll now.


  1. You have been busy. I liked the stacked bangles in the previous post. I love this style of yours.

    1. Thanks, Kathy Jo! Bead crochet is absolutely my favorite technique, so those stacked bangles were a joy to make - but bead embroidery is a close second, and I had fun making this cuff, too. Matter of fact, I'm having fun with all of this!


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