Project Runway Season 12, Episode 11

"The Next Generation." The title of the episode referred to the designers' muses for the HP fabric design challenge - next generation thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists. The winner was Dom Streater, and a well-deserved win it was.

This week I went with a seed beaded fringe bracelet, weighted with onyx hearts.

Here's a closer look:

So, to sum up:

Not many more episodes left, but once this season ends, we'll have another Project Runway All Stars coming up to keep us inspired (or appalled). 

So. More later.


Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Episode 10

This was the "real woman" challenge for the designers, and in this case the real women were Project Runway's "Super Fans." The winner was Helen Castillo.  When I first saw the winning design, my heart sank. There's just nothing about a black dress (even if it's midnight blue) I find inspiring. I started to make one thing, and I was so Ho Hum about it, I couldn't work up any enthusiasm. After two crappy nights' sleep in a row I was frustrated and cranky. I sat down with my copy of "500 Bracelets,"  and BAM. The idea hit me.

So here's how that evolved.

Here's a closer look:

So, summing up:

More later. Just 'cuz.


Embellishing the Runway Season 12 Episode 9

Let's Do Brunch. Those poor designers. Faced with a really screwy challenge this week, they were told to design something for the "modern Southern woman." What the hell does that even MEAN? No one knows, so they went with a kind of updated country girl look. I was shocked no one went with gingham and calico. But the winner, Bradon McDonald, did go with a pastel plaid shirting fabric, and I did love the colors, so I took that for my inspiration.

And here's what I came up with: a set of three right angle weave bangle bracelets, in gradient pastels and opaque white.

Here's a closer look:

So, to sum up:

Just watched Episode 10 and believe it or not, I'm stumped as to what I'll do. Hmm.

More later. Don't know how much later, but later.


Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Ep 8

"Field Day." This is the episode where Heidi gets the designers to work for her for free. She has them design athletic wear to be produced in her New Balance line. Helen won again - and good for her - but I did like Kate Pankoke's design the best - it was so much more colorful. But O well - this is about the winners, not my personal preferences.  At least until they all break down and no one makes anything inspiring. Then we scramble.

Helen used a black mesh over a muted green jersey for her pants, and this was the design detail I picked up on for my cue:

I made a simple wide bangle, in a lace stitch, or filled mesh stitch bangle, using 8º seed beads, with a mix of black matte and black opaque over a transparent muted olive:
This was so cute - but it turned out just a little too small for me. I gave it to a friend who cut my hair last week. But I loved it so much I made another - in the right size -to wear myself. Here's a closer look:

And summing up:

So that's it for now -time to get back to work on my challenge piece for Episode 9. It's a fun one. So, inevitably, more later.

Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Ep 7

"Shoes First!" The designers were tasked with creating a look to go with their choice of shoes. Helen Castillo took the win with a shroud-like cape and LBD (Little Black Dress). The shoes were crazy cool - the toes were studded with diagonal rows of silver - they're kind of hard to see in the photo:

I took that design detail as my cue for this little bracelet, in 6º beads of black and brushed silver, with a patterned pewter toggle:

Here's a closer look:

And summing up:

More later, in just a few minutes. Maybe.


Embellishing the Runway, Season 12, Ep 6

"Let's Go Glamping." That was the name of this challenge. While I completely disagree with the judges and really did not care for the winning look by Alexandria von Bromssen, I decided to look at this as a REAL challenge. Here's that winning poopy pants look:

The front of this jacket was ho-hum boring - and the back was so tortured, it reminded me of a straight-jacket. Don't even get me started on those nightmare poopy pants. But since this was all about manipulating fabric - in this case denim/chambray, I dug into my fabric stash and came up with a slice of just that stuff. So here's my take on that *shudder* win - a denim cuff, fabric manipulation, studded with glass pearls:

Another view:

And summing up:

And there you have it. More later, just not tonight.

Embellishing the Runway, Season 12 Ep 5

And I guess the Lexus challenge could have been called, "Designer's Choice." They were told to use materials from two of three little shops for unconventional materials. The winner was Jeremy Brandrick with this little number:

 Using placemats from a home furnishings store and glitter/glue from a party supply shop, Jeremy came up with this.  I loved that stripe-in-a-stripe thing he did, so here's my interpretation of it:

This is a bead embroidered cuff, with pearls in the white expanse to add some texture and interest.

Summing up:

More later, 'cuz I'm on a roll now.

Embellishing the Runway, Season 12, Ep 4

Otherwise known as "Tie the Knot." The designers were faced with the challenge of finding their inspiration in a pile of bowties.  Bradon McDonald was the winner with this design:

I took my inspiration from the patterns of the bowties he deconstructed and linked together for the little cropped top he made. I fashioned a set of five bead crochet bangles, in stripes and polka dots.

When I photographed them, I used two of my goofy little models - and after I looked at the pictures I realized that subconsciously I was affected by the underlying theme of the challenge which had to do with marriage equality.

Summing up:

And there you have it, Episode 4.

Playing Catch-up Big Time

Bad blogger. No Cheetos. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. I'll be doing that here in the next few days, by making separate posts for each of my Project Runway inspired beadwork pieces. That's five posts coming up.

But first, what's up with that beaded pony project, HMMMMMMMMMMM?

Bronte is almost finished. Still needs a bit of work around her eyes, and her mane and tail are a work in progress at the moment.

More later, most likely today.