Monthly Check-In, March Edition

Feels like I'm down to blogging once a month now.  Facebook, for all it's faults, is so much easier to bop around in.  But there's been nothing to write about there, either.

I've stripped down my Artfire shop to bare bones - I was hoping to get around to ripping up all my old pieces but there's been no time.  It's very hard now to get chunks of time to do much of anything, much less creative endeavors.

I'm currently running the bookshop by myself, averaging 10 hours a day, five days a week.  On my two days off we run errands in the morning - usually doctor visits, grocery and/or bank runs, and trips to the laundromat.  By early afternoon, my husband is completely exhausted so we come home and I take care of the apartment.  When I have a few minutes to myself, I end up doing online jigsaw puzzles.

I'll be dragging some beadwork with me to fuss with, when I can, at the bookshop - but those moments are few and far between as well.

It may be time to set this blog on the virtual top shelf in the back of the cyber closet.