Where Was I . . .

Oh, yes - getting ready to rip up a bunch of un-sell-able finished works.  I'm keeping all my bead embroidered pieces, free-form peyote pieces, and beaded bead works.  Everything else is getting the axe.
Or scissors.
Or seam ripper.

So.  There's that.

But that all has to wait until we finish moving our bookstore.  Like THAT'S easy.  Going to be another eleven days before that's complete and we're back open for business. Probably another month after that before I get a chance to do any serious beading.  More on the bookshop move can be seen on the Bird Song Used Books Facebook page.

Hmm.  Forgot to put in a picture.  So here's the last thing I made - this was for a Jade Dog beading challenge, wherein I bought the bead mix and embellished a box lid.  Called this one "Carnivale Southwest":

Doesn't she make the BEST poly clay cabs? (Sorry about all the little fuzzies in the photo)
The Jade Dog got her Kickstarter funded!!  WOOHOO

Happy New Year!

More later, as it's what I do.