Kickstarter Draws a Bead:

My daughter - Darcy Horn, The Jade Dog - has a kickstarter project in search of funding - take a peek if you will:

Working model, and $500 reward.

LINKY --> The Beaded Body
Beadwork as a fine art form has been too long neglected - bringing it 'alive' as human sculpture is a brilliant way to show the world the depth and beauty possible, and to showcase the intensity of the artist capable of realizing the work. Bravo, Darcy, for conceiving the project, and best wishes for full funding!
Please share the link and hold a good thought for her success - and thanks!

More later, for beads must have their day.


Best Online Beadsource

And no, I'm not prejudiced - check out THIS sale item at Jade Dog Beads:

Some of the best, most interesting, and vintage items in the history of Ever.  Check out her site.  See if you don't agree.  At least in part.

More later.