Rackin' the Overheating Brain

Long time ago (30+ years?) I found a little book, maybe 3" x 5" with a stapled binding, at a grocery store checkout stand.  It was called something like "No-Pattern Sewing" or "Pattern-Free Sewing" or "Making Clothes Without a Pattern."  I think it was a Dell publication.  Somewhere along the line, after about a dozen moves I realized I lost it.  I'm trying to find it on the Almighty Intarwebs but so far I must not be asking the right questions.  Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Is it called Sewing Without A Pattern by Phyllis Ficarotta? Published in 1969? If so, it's on Amazon. :)

    1. Thanks for the effort - my intrepid DIL has found an exact match and now I have to get over the sticker shock on this before I make my next move: http://www.biblio.com/details.php?dcx=390513966&aid=bkfndr


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