Rackin' the Overheating Brain

Long time ago (30+ years?) I found a little book, maybe 3" x 5" with a stapled binding, at a grocery store checkout stand.  It was called something like "No-Pattern Sewing" or "Pattern-Free Sewing" or "Making Clothes Without a Pattern."  I think it was a Dell publication.  Somewhere along the line, after about a dozen moves I realized I lost it.  I'm trying to find it on the Almighty Intarwebs but so far I must not be asking the right questions.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Project Runway Season 10

First, let me just say - Maria loved her bracelet.

Now to business:  Project Runway is back, and I am once again participating in the Flickr group, Embellishing the Runway.  If you've got some time and are looking for an interesting challenge, come join us!  Any time!

For the first episode, this is what I came up with:

Christopher Palu was the winner of the first challenge.  His design was a study in taupe and texture, and I took that as my inspiration, making a skinny freeform bracelet, thin enough to incorporate in a stack.

Episode 2 was the unconventional challenge - making an outfit based on candy - and who knew Ralph Lauren's daughter owned a candy store???

For this one, I made a stacking set of bangle bracelets, inspired by the winning look by Ven Budhu - he designed a dress using crushed rock candy and licorice. I found some tricut Czech glass 12º beads that reminded more than a little of rock candy and used them for the bead crochet rope bangles.  I used shiny black Japanese seed and cube beads to make the stretchy licorice-look bangles.

Episode 3 just aired, and it does present something of a challenge.  Check it out HERE.  What to do, what to do . . .

More later, for sure.