Vacation Time - Or Is It?

We're spending most of our vacation hours doing things we rarely get to do - movies in the middle of the week, getting a massage and a long soak in a hot tub, eating at favorite restaurants - but it's also time for me to get caught up on bookstore organization and getting my beadwork listed in their new cyberstore location at Artfire.  Here's what's been listed just today:

 Sunshine Daisy Butter Mellow

 Raven's Nest

 Mondo's Diner


I still have about forty+ pieces to get listed - but we still have six days.  

There'll be more later.  Naturally.


  1. Love 'Mondo's diner', same colors of my sad bathroom. I'm inspired to play on the colors, instead of hiding them! You and your daughter are amazing bead artists!
    (I'm Kackleboan over on Etsy)
    I'm wondering, did you ever finish the dragon? I bought the pattern after I saw it on your blog. (I didn't get very far, gave up)

    1. Thanks, Joan - as for the dragon, it's still sitting here - mocking me in its unfinished state. I've got the two forearms done, and half of one upper arm. Any minute now I'll get back to it. Sure I will . . .

  2. I love those pieces! Especially Mondo's Diner. If you wrote to him about it, I bet he'd be thrilled with it!

    1. I found Mondo's work that year to be a rich source of inspiration - I based a lot of pieces on his work - and from the All Stars' runway this year, too - I'm hoping this next runway has some breakout designs to spark a dream or two as well.

  3. I am always inspired by your ability to handle any beading technique. I really enjoy your pieces. How are you liking Artfire so far?

    1. Thank you, Grace - I haven't had enough time to interact or do a lot of promotion for the ArtFire shop, but I like the setup and I'm more comfortable there - it's easier to find handmade - REAL handmade - stuff there. I've had many more views, for what that's worth, and I'm waiting for that first sale, but to be fair I don't have all my inventory listed yet. I did manage to join a beadweavers' guild, and I'm looking forward to being more social there.


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