Be All My Sins Remember'd

When I was following the Project Runway All Stars program on Lifetime, one of the challenges inspired me to make a mixed media bracelet - a blend of metal, pearls, glass, and fibers.  As much as I liked it initially, it proved almost impossible to wear.  Still, I liked the idea of using fibers. There are some inherent difficulties with  using yarns, though.  They tend to be insubstantial, weightless.  After a bit of trial and error, I hit on the idea of using pewter spacers as the base for making my fiber beads.  Interspersing them with glass bead embellished pewter spacers, I strung them on fairly thick leather lacing.  The ends were finished with ceramic rounds and the clasp is a gold toned button snap.

"Nymph, in thy orisons, Be all my sins remember'd." (Hamlet, to Ophelia - translating it to modern English, I think it means something like, "Fair maid, pray for me - I need it.")

I think I want to make more like this.  I have a friend who wears a lot of purple - I'm sure I could accommodate her.  More later, I imagine.

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