Maria's Black Glass Garden

One of my favorite bookstore customers is also a fan of my beadwork.  Once in a while she commissions me to make something for her.  She saw this:
and wanted me to make a pin for her using this same technique.  Something that would lie flat.  To give her another option, I fitted it with a pin/pendant finding:
I hope this is what she had in mind.  I like it so much I'm going to make one for myself, only in golden browns and brass.

There'll be more later for sure. 


More Listings on Artfire

I've been adding some things every morning during breakfast.  I figured if I waited until I got this stuff re-photographed I'd never get them done, so changing out photos went to the bottom of the to-do list.

Breakfast is over.  Time to get ready for The Day Job.  More later - inevitably.


Listing on Artfire

Today I managed to get some stuff listed in the Artfire shop.

Now I can get back to work on my fiber bracelets - I'm giving this one a haircut.

I suppose there'll be more later.


Be All My Sins Remember'd

When I was following the Project Runway All Stars program on Lifetime, one of the challenges inspired me to make a mixed media bracelet - a blend of metal, pearls, glass, and fibers.  As much as I liked it initially, it proved almost impossible to wear.  Still, I liked the idea of using fibers. There are some inherent difficulties with  using yarns, though.  They tend to be insubstantial, weightless.  After a bit of trial and error, I hit on the idea of using pewter spacers as the base for making my fiber beads.  Interspersing them with glass bead embellished pewter spacers, I strung them on fairly thick leather lacing.  The ends were finished with ceramic rounds and the clasp is a gold toned button snap.

"Nymph, in thy orisons, Be all my sins remember'd." (Hamlet, to Ophelia - translating it to modern English, I think it means something like, "Fair maid, pray for me - I need it.")

I think I want to make more like this.  I have a friend who wears a lot of purple - I'm sure I could accommodate her.  More later, I imagine.