Time Evaporates

Time: like water in the desert, I can actually see it disappearing.

I started up my ArtFire shop with every intention of filling it with all the pieces I've made (and hoarded) but as I have come to see, running a used bookstore full time has placed some serious constraints on me.  When I listed things elsewhere, it was when I had the luxury of large chunks of time to myself.  Things change and I'm still adapting to those changes.

I've managed to inventory the pieces I want to list, now it's just a matter of taking new photos for some of them and writing their descriptions.  What should only take a few hours has suddenly become a monumental undertaking that has to be worked into an already over-full schedule.  

I want to have all my current inventory listed by the end of May.  It could happen.  I have never been one to deny the possibility of miracles.
Here's what I've made recently:
I've been working on a series of mookaite coin bangles, as well, so of course there will be more.  Just later.


  1. What a beautiful necklace! I love the way you added the leather bail in the back -- that's a clever idea. :)

    Finding time when you're really busy is a tough thing. My only suggestion, if you're not doing this already, is to make lunch breaks your time for doing ArtFire things. A half hour here and there can add up!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, SS - maybe I can find a half hour in the morning and again at night . . . lunch is my only breathing space!


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