Summer Bangles & a Wall of Turquoise

As I was going through my inventory in March, I noticed a serious lack of playful colors in my beadwork, particularly among my bracelets.  So I sat to work on making a few sets of bright, happy bead crochet bangles.  This is the first of those sets.  Bead crochet worked with Japanese glass seed beads and connected with lead-free pewter spacers and glass crow beads.

Summer Bangles
These colors just make me happy.

Wall of Turquoise

I've been working on this cuff for quite some time.  At last I made myself sit down and finish it.  My inspiration came from a tiny photo insert in an article about turquoise in a back-issue of Ornament Magazine.  It was a photo of a brooch that came from an archeological dig and that's all I can recall.  The photo reminded me of a wall I saw in the ruins in Aztec, New Mexico and I merged the two impressions into this cuff bracelet.  It has several types of turquoise disks and nuggets, and a very special sterling silver/turquoise connector.

So.  More later, hey?


  1. The stacked bangles are nice but the cuff is spectacular.

    1. Thanks, KJ - and I really liked your photos for that "Wrapped, Stacked and Layered" blog challenge going on - wish I'd known about it before . . . I wear quite a stack myself on most days.

  2. Las de verano son muy bonitas, pero la turquesa es espectacular!!!

  3. Neat bangles and bead embroidery.


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