Moving Day(s)

Filling up my new shop over at Artfire - it's slow going at the moment - and I'm still getting used to all their bells and whistles, but I've got a few days off and intend to get everything listed there - I've got a few photos yet to take, but that's really the fun part for me.  I love taking product photos.  And I forgot to take photos of about half a dozen earrings I made specifically for Mother's Day - time's a wastin'. 

Here's a screen grab of my new shop:

Besides, getting into the rhythm of listing stuff will serve me well when CraftStar opens.
Cheers and here's to a better tomorrow for us all!


Summer Bangles & a Wall of Turquoise

As I was going through my inventory in March, I noticed a serious lack of playful colors in my beadwork, particularly among my bracelets.  So I sat to work on making a few sets of bright, happy bead crochet bangles.  This is the first of those sets.  Bead crochet worked with Japanese glass seed beads and connected with lead-free pewter spacers and glass crow beads.

Summer Bangles
These colors just make me happy.

Wall of Turquoise

I've been working on this cuff for quite some time.  At last I made myself sit down and finish it.  My inspiration came from a tiny photo insert in an article about turquoise in a back-issue of Ornament Magazine.  It was a photo of a brooch that came from an archeological dig and that's all I can recall.  The photo reminded me of a wall I saw in the ruins in Aztec, New Mexico and I merged the two impressions into this cuff bracelet.  It has several types of turquoise disks and nuggets, and a very special sterling silver/turquoise connector.

So.  More later, hey?



The Fashion Biz

Inspired by the winning look from Project Runway All Stars' 10th challenge, created by Mondo Guerra.
(screengrab from Lifetime.com)

Can't wrap my head around the winning mini-collection this time.  Just doesn't speak to me.

I'll leave you with this:
I imagine there'll be more later.